But I am not a millionaire, do I need an estate plan?

Yes. No matter now large or small your estate is, most clients want control over the distribution of their assets. Plus, an estate plan includes not only the preparation of a Last Will & Testament but should also include a Power of Attorney and Living Will (Health Directive) which have little to do with the size of one's estate.

What if I die without a Last Will and Testament?

  1. Your property/assets will be distributed according to your state's law as opposed to how you want it distributed.
  2. The administration of your estate (no matter how big or small) will likely cost more money, be more difficult to resolve, and will likely not result in the manner in which you would want it.
  3. You cannot select a guardian of your choice for you children
  4. You cannot select an executor to probate your estate
  5. Your property can be transferred to the state